You can set up one on your husband’s phone to find out what they are talking about and also consider which he may be using a burner phone that you will be not aware of. Spying on her telephone will not stop him from getting out of the relationship though.

Make sure you refer to options that have been posted in this particular wiki on how to see information through your boyfriend’s phone. Since Facebook has a separate messaging system for Android and iOS mobile phones and if she has that app on her behalf phone then you will need to use a secret agent app.

This can be found in our article approach Secretly Spy on Someone’s Cellular phone Make sure to read the full article, since there is important information you should consider before you attempt to spy on someone’s mobile phone or even tablet. If your phone is Android, you can test Anti Spy Mobile Free plus run a scan, if you have a jail-breaked iPhone, I would recommend you to factoy totally reset it.

Apps that work making use of the attachment method can still be discovered if he uses an no- spy detection software or when the app updates and he has the phone setting to only update applications with manual permission. It’s a good idea to contact support when using your free trial, to make sure you’re able to reach someone and get help, in the event you later find yourself stuck.

Setting up a spy app you want to be sure that you can remove it quickly just in case your own target gets suspicious. You can then log in online and setup the program to forward all your communications to your email or another cell phone. They were also very hard to install on a person’s phone, normally requiring specialized knowledge, and occasionally taking the phone apart.

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